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With an international mix of varied piano playing and harmonious vocals, Dario Karkovic delivers musical soul food for the stages of the world.


Growing up in the wild seventies in Dubrovnik, Croatia, the young Karkovic enthused the audience with his appearances at music festivals and talent shows from an early age. After graduating from school, he successfully completed his master's degree in piano at the Art School in Dubrovnik.


His musical soul food has already been very well received by national and international artists such as: Xavier Naidoo, Max Mutzke, Julia Neigel or Cascada and Aura Dione and many more! Dario Karkovic was also enthusiastic at various company events and large events, and successful itunes releases and compositions for companies round off his career!


His musical compositions range from covered evergreens to funky disco hits and light, airy pop songs. Very pleasant to the ear, with handmade music and great attention to detail, Karkovic always serves one thing: soul food for the soul consisting of piano and vocals.

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