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Dario Karkovic Pianist Event


Dario Karkovic Sänger & Pianist - Piano Medley
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Professional - Energetic - Soulful

Dario Karkovic is a singer who always manages to get his audience in the right mood. With his warm, soulful voice, the "white Stevie", as his fans like to call him, he knows how to entertain people at the highest level.


Whether at private celebrations such as weddings or

a birthday or at major events such as company events and concerts, with Dario Karkovic as a singer you get yourself and your audience in tune.


His love of music, years of experience and incredible energy make Dario Karkovic's shows as a singer an asset to any event. Let your audience feel what it sounds like when talent and vocals vibrate together.


Book Dario Karkovic as a singer at your event and enrich your event with this Croatian vocal talent.


Invigorating - Stimulating - Discreet

As an excellent and studied pianist, Dario Karkovic knows how to inspire at the piano. As a key enthusiast, he plays evergreens, invigorating pop sounds and knows how to use the shallow strings of the piano. Dario Karkovic also proves his skills with his own compositions and several iTunes releases.

Experience this acoustic listening pleasure on the piano or on the keyboard. Dario Karkovic enchants with his piano playing both as an entertainer in the foreground and as an accompanying and subtle sound carpet as a keyboarder in the background. Book Dario Karkovic directly as a singer and enjoy unique listening pleasure on all levels.


Dario Karkovic is often seen at weddings and parties and is also known for his atmospheric appearances as a pianist and keyboarder at company events and galas. Book Dario Karkovic now and experience how inspiring his piano playing is only on stage!

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